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Chief Iron Hail,  Wasu Maza, member of the Minneconjou Lakota tribe, born 1858 died in 1955 at the age of ninety six. Chief Iron Hail joined the “Ghost Dance” movement and followed Sitting Bull into Canada to escape oppression by US army. He was the last known Lakota survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and the last known survivor of the Wounded Knee Massacre.

Coffee/tea mug. White stoneware clay, Shino glaze on outside with photo image that was kiln fired to embed the decoration into the molten glaze. Will not discolor or fade. 10oz, 4.2.5”H x 3.25”W diameter, dishwasher and food safe.

Would make a great gift for that special someone

Other pieces can be found at www.etsy/shop/

Chief Iron Hail

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