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Beautiful Horsehair Raku jar with a Copper Green Glaze inside, 4.5"H x 4"W at the belly with a 3.5 opening. This piece is lidded. Raku ware is not food safe.

It is wheel thrown and has terra sigillata applied at the leather hard stage and then the surface is burnished to a silky smooth feel. It is then kiln fired twice, first fired for bisque, then glazed and kiln fired to 1915°F, the temperature is then reduced to 1100°F before the piece is removed. While the pot is cooling, horsehair and feathers are applied to the hot exterior and carbonaceous designs are burned into the clay. Once completely cold the pot exterior is sealed with a sealer to keep the the piece from fading or yellowing.

This would make a nice gift for that special someone and would be a great addition to your home to enjoy..

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Horsehair and Feather Jar