Beautiful Horsehair Raku lidded jar with a horsehair and feathers embedded on glossy white crackle glaze, 8.5"H x 5"W at the belly with a 2.5 opening and lid. Can be used as a memorial urn.

The piece is wheel thrown and has terra sigillata applied at the leather hard stage and then the surface is burnished to a silky smooth feel. It is then kiln fired twice, first fired for bisque, then glazed and kiln fired to 1950°F, the temperature is then reduced to 1200°F before the piece is removed. While the pot is cooling, horsehair and feathers are applied to the hot exterior and the carbonaceous designs are burned into the clay. Exterior is a glossy glass finish and will not fade or yellow.

Raku is pottery ware and a firing technique originated in 16th century Japan. The pottery shapes may be similar, but the outcome of the firing will always be different. No two pots will ever look alike. So they are truly one of a kind!

This would make a great gift for that special someone.

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Raku-Horsehair and Feathers