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The Native American “Shaman” is a rooted belief that a single person can communicate with spirits and influence their actions. The Cherokees and Sioux tribes had Shamans within their villages who performed many different rituals.  They were considered the spiritual leaders of the villages. It was believed that they could speak to spirits in order to find a solution for earthly issues such as disease, drought or conflict. Shamans would lead their tribe in the "Buffalo Dance, or Bison Dance", in an annual dance festival of many North American Plains Indians, including the Apache Mandan, Sioux, Cheyenne, Pawnee, and Omaha. The festival traditionally coincided with the return of the buffalo herds, and included a feast and a dance with a number of men wearing buffalo and other animal skins.

Classic vase decorated with original images of Native American transfer fired and embedded for decoration, dishwasher and food safe. Won't fade or discolor. Great for everyday use. White stoneware clay, Shino Glaze, Sepia color decoration which measures 5.75" in diameter by 6" high with a 3.25" opening .

Treat yourself or someone special of Native American History. This would make a great gift for that special someone!

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Shaman of the Bison

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