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This beautiful unique vase is made of white stoneware clay, wheel thrown and handmade. Measurements are 4"H x 4.25"W . Not Food Safe.


Naked Raku is one variation of the Japanese raku technique in which a wet clay slip is applied to a pot, then sprayed with a hard surface clear glaze before it is placed in the raku kiln. It is then kiln fired to 1500°F, where the slip exterior on the pot cracks as the temperature rises during the firing. The piece is then placed in a carbon chamber, where dried combustibles are ignited for the carbon smoke and the container is covered so oxygen is smothered for the atmospheric reduction. Once finished the piece is placed in a container of cold water and the hard clay slip on the hot piece explodes and pops off due to thermal dynamics to reveal a blackened crackle pattern. Raku is an artistic pottery ware and a firing technique originated in 16th century Japan. The pottery shapes may be similar, but the outcome of the firing will always be different. 

No two pots will ever look alike.


So they are truly one of a kind and would enhance any living room or library shelf of your home and coffee table. This would make a great gift for that special someone.


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Small Naked Raku Vase

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